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Free social media account directory
Are you sick of having to give out multiple different links for your social media accounts?

Would it be easier if you could send/post one link with all of your accounts listed?

A free membership on http://www.the-hub.co will allow you to link to any of your online accounts from one simple profile post. Any online account can be posted and linked to, giving you a free online business card you can send with one link.
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Looking for free members
Hi, I am looking for people to help populate my site http://www.the-hub.co

The-Hub has been set up as a forum styled database of individuals and organisations online social profiles.

It is very straight forward, just become a member, find the appropriate section and create a profile post. Include your name and nicknames, age, area you live and then list down all of your social media accounts, contact details (especially if a company), and any other accounts you want to link. You could post your eBay profile/store, your Amazon wish list or your LinkedIn profile. Basically, you can post links to any online account.

Once done, you can use a link to that post as a business card instead of always having to give out all of your different profile links.

You can see an example here https://www.the-hub.co/post/creating-a-standard-profile-post-8429032?pid=1294956153

Thank you
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